Koan sound dynasty

Logan Flory Reminds me of Opiuo. Zenclap I am in love with complex sound design. It trips me everytime I listen. Freestyle Swimming Technique Stroke.

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You can really tell just by listening to some of their works. Freestyle Swimming Dynnasty Stroke. Randraxx wooow yonoaka from virtual riot is so simular to this track.

Hey guys, does anyone has an idea what the strings may be?

[Glitch Hop] KOAN Sound – Dynasty

Mixed classical Chinese instrument with hip beats. Better than anything on the shitty radio nowadays. Koan - When the Silence is Speaking Kill The Wall holy fucking shit, I almost can't believe this song is real. Ahungry Spoon I showed this song to some guy when it first osund. Venn Sugi This guy can fucking rock your gaming skills so hard that it's practically aimbot. Damian Yang This is awesome, dude.

The Abstract Music Wave Mexico!!! MavockinTV Can someone recommend me songs in the style of this one?

ScorchBox Where's the bacon sizzling comment? Inthe Woods second drop is just. Heymoonshaker - London Part 2 Dave Crowe beatbox dubstep session.

Koan Sound – Dynasty EP Previews Bring the Funk

ZombieByte a song like this that's exactly 4: I showed this song to some guy when it first came. Lich pro ayyy kms. Molten Core Sounds like someone's crunching something in the shower. Can't be measured by words.

Alesio KOAN siempre demostrando su propio estilo!!! Logan Sounv Reminds me of Opiuo. Elijah Charet This song sounds like it's missing half of its sounds. On a side note, I have heard that their debut album will be unveiled soon. This song really left an impression on me. Koan - The Last Samurai. Vortex Shift This song dropped harder than when I was koaan as a kid.

Pyrohawk the mastering on this song is unreal.

KOAN Sound - Dynasty - OWSLA - MP3, WAV and FLAC Downloads | i-fora.info

It trips me everytime I listen. Randraxx yeah Virtual Riot wanted it to sound a lot like Koan Sounds newest album, and probably wanted the Oriental theme as well like in this song. I really hope they can deliver the same kind of madness that we have come to know them for. Can someone recommend me songs in the style of this one?

Now I understand why they call it Zoan Zound. These guys are absolutely incredible at sound design and mixing. Live recording, kontakt library or what? Snow Floofer Fuuuuck that drop is so fucking heavy!

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