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Accurate and intelligent 3D project models can be created very quickly utilizing a cross section of shipbuilding specific capability and native AutoCAD tools. All work within a single integrated environment , sharing a consistent interface, and are connected via a project database that stores the intelligence, relationships, attribute information and 3D model, plus the rules and standards used in the product model's composition. Hull provides powerful features such as surface-surface intersection, surface trimming, plate expansion, structural section definition, shell expansion, shell stringer definition, offset book printing, and pin jig drawing generation. This is accomplished by accessing the weld information contained in the Marine Information Model MIM via new and improved methods which allow users to retrieve information in various task specific layouts.

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With technology designed to scale with the largest shipbuilding projects, associative and parametric ship specific 3D modeling capabilities, and industry specific production output that promotes modular construction, ShipConstructor truly softqare shipbuilding.

Now, this product is even more powerful. This product provides the ability to fully customize weld symbols and standards.

This allows you to replicate elements of the 3D model at granular level of detail. The ability to generate support fabrication drawings linked to the model provides a smooth transition from engineering to production.

ShipConstructor R2 introduces streamlined approval workflows to remove unnecessary steps that shipconstructod previously required by users to complete the approval process of a penetration. Associative production documentation can be generated from the model including cable pull schedules and reports.

ProfileNest performs linear nesting of profiles onto available stock to optimize utilization and streamline production, including available and used stock control, heat number shipconstructr, and full production reports.

For example, the structural materials used to compose pipe supports or penetrations are defined from and remain associative to the structural standards used throughout the project.

With advanced features such as grouping, sorting, summary fields and full control over the shipconstructir aspects of the report, this tool provides the means to extract the information required for the entire team.

The parametric spec-based penetration standards support sbipconstructor such as multi-pipe and HVAC penetrations and penetration accessory items. The expanded drafting toolset offered is particularly useful in conjunction with ShipConstructor when extensive manual detailing of drawings is required. Its pipe modeling capability is spec-driven based on a user-defined parametric catalog of pipe stocks and standards with logical connections between parts in the model.

SSI - AutodeskĀ® based Shipbuilding and Offshore Software Solutions

Attributes simply need to be set once and from then on, you can shpconstructor on routing the system. ProductHierarchy is the hub within a project for production preparation. SSI has maintained the system requirements for ShipConstructor R2 so that they are the same as the prior release, ShipConstructor Supports are associated with pipe and pipe hangers as well as shipconstrjctor structure to constrain and automatically adapt to design changes as the project progresses.

The ROI can be substantial, and is traceable throughout the entire process, across all sub sectors such as project management, purchasing, materials, labor and build sequencing. Download Information See Updates page. All ShipConstructor production output functions are driven by the build strategy, allowing for near-automatic generation of production drawings.

Shipconstructor Software Inc News

ShipConstructor is as tightly integrated with the Autodesk portfolio as other Autodesk products. The jury singled out Denis Morais among several highly qualified candidates because his paper combined profound insight into businessā€¦. Below is background to shipconsteuctor decision. The scope of their service includes naval architecture, marine engineering, brokerage and maritime surveys.

It features a powerful constraint based modeling system which allows intuitive changes to existing piping systems.

A variety of Autodesk products can be used sshipconstructor part of the shipbuilding process. From mechanical stress, vibration, motion, energy, and structural analysis to computational fluid dynamics, plastic injection molding, and multi-physics, Autodesk Simulation software helps users predict performance, optimize designs and validate design decisions.

Hull combines purpose-built shipbuilding specific surfacing technology and the simplicity of working inside of AutoCAD. Shipconstructot, these parts would be highlighted in the Product Hierarchy tree which gives you the ability to perform operations on them in the Hierarchy Tree.

Additionally, new features and capabilities have been introduced which support new and improved workflows.

Careers at SSI

Shipconstryctor breadth of these improvements will guarantee that every ShipConstructor user will notice and appreciate this release. The powerful features in AutoCAD Mechanical design and drafting software help to automate common design tasks, facilitate increased drafting productivity, and offer mechanical engineers a competitive edge.

Documentation ShipConstructor R2 allows users to document welds in traditional ways such as with symbolic representations shipconstructlr workshop or assembly DWGs, or alternatively, by having welds and their attributes exported to a spreadsheet.

In addition, SC leverages the wealth of AutoCAD capabilities which significantly shiipconstructor the time it takes to migrate to a ShipConstructor solution and simplify data exchange with other parties. ShipConstructor software has been deliberately designed to match standard industry processes, terminology and concepts.

Autodesk Inventor 3D CAD software products offer a comprehensive, flexible set of software for 3D mechanical design, product simulation, tooling creation, engineer to order, and design communication.

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