Grandmaster repertoire 10 the tarrasch defence

Nc3,c5 is an immediate attempt by Black to free his game and challenge White's centre. Bg5 c4, Ntirlis and Aagaard radically change the theoretical landscape for this classic opening, with analysis checked many times over and an ocean of new ideas. GM10 is no different.

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The Tarrasch Defence: A Grandmaster Repertoire Indeed | Chess Book Reviews

Carsten HansenChessCafe full review. I recognize that Aagaard and Ntirlis take the time to explain the logic behind some of the more esoteric only-moves, but this does not come close to obviating the need for extensive memory work.

Aagaard, Jacob, and Ntirlis, Nikolaos. Anyone who tried to play the recommendations in these chapters without memorization risks being blown off the board. Tarrssch Ntirlis is a chess coach and computer engineer.

I would like to just like to comment on the theory behind 9. So let me just say that the authors treat the ever-important Timman Variation 9.

John Hartmann full review.

The Tarrasch Defence: A Grandmaster Repertoire Indeed

Aagaard is omnipresent on the Quality Chess Blogwhere he exhibits nearly infinite patience in answering the most banal of questions and comments. Still, the voluminous analysis in GM10 is checked and double-checked by our metal friends, and some of the key moves that save the 9…c4 lines particularly 16…c5 in chapter 8 were computer discoveries. ChessPub readers, of course, knew about this line reepertoire earlier than did the general public.

Quality Chess Europe, Rc1 — and get to use all of that analysis over the board, including the two key moves 21…Rc7 and 22…g5. This can be both a blessing and a curse. Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide.

Grandmaster Repertoire 10 - The Tarrasch Defence

All main lines have been repaired, including those no one knew were broken. He became a Grandmaster and won the British Chess Championship in Half a chapter is enough for this sideline. The book is the result of a yhe piece of research where the two authors have succeeded in turning completely new pages in opening theory. Had Aagaard and Ntirlis used all of the available literature, they might have avoided this conclusion. Certainly the most critical of these is the following: Book ratings by Goodreads.

You can get into the 5…a6 positions if White lets you. Aagaard and Ntirlis obviously poured granxmaster time and effort into their analysis, finding tricky solutions to difficult problems again and again.

Ne4 part hrandmaster ch 6 If that was good enough for Kasparov to ride to his chess championship match with Karpov then it is good enough for me.

Grandmaster Repertoire 10 - The Tarrasch Defence : Grandmaster Jacob Aagaard :

They develop the confidence to challenge the accepted view and supply the analytical proof to present their case with conviction. They take the time and make the effort to go just that litle bit further, that little bit deeper.

I checked the position with a particularly fast incarnation of Houdini 3 from the Chessbase Engine Cloud, and at tarrascu depth of 30 ply, Houdini still favors the offer of the exchange.

Mating the Castled King. This book is an important contribution to opening theory and is highly recommended, without reservation. Presumably they will have spent some time learning how to play such positions, investigating the key ideas, etc.

Does it live up to all that praise? The Tarrasch Defence arises after 1. Nc3 c5 and leads to dynamic play. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies.

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