Diwata sa paraiso

Patron's Momay Pablo S. And only the six chosen engkantaos can defeat her. Gerald Anderson as Thaleo. Those places, traced together, forms a Star of David shape, the symbol of the chosen Engkantaos. Pedro and Lola Maria Gloria Romero found their way to his Lolo Pedro's boarding house at the University Belt , where Pedro is hoping to lead a normal life as a normal student.

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Once in Floreshka, he intends to destroy the kingdom and all engkantos protecting the human race - and begin the last apocalypse.

The fifth Engkantao, Edward, helped them. He was amazed by the things in the city. Retrieved from " https: Except that, a normal life is not really an option for Pedro.

Pedro Pqraiso at ang mga Engkantao lit. Engkantao came from the Tagalog word " Engkanto " which means supernatural beings and " Tao " which means human.

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This page was last edited diata 10 Decemberat After the attacks, Kalagua, tries to find the chosen Engkantao, through the body of Dr.

Marie, an Engkantao, was there to help.

Also another incident happened in Luneta Grandstand, Manilawhen a group of criminals captured people. And his latest vision is a frightening one — the paraiwo Kalagua has escaped from her prison and is determined to find the chosen Engkantao - a half-human, half engkanto hybrid - whose power can bring her to Floreshka.

He would be with the five chosen "Engkantao".

Quezon City Memorial Circleis where the last incident happened. The six chosen engkantaos would know if they were the chosen za, if they have a Star of David birthmark on their body.

Gomez's Juanita Banana Pablo S.

Erich Gonzales as Bal-Bal. In Pedro's arrival, he experienced culture shock. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

diwata sa paraiso

Gomez's Kampanerang Kuba Carlo J. Another incident took place in Tondo, Manilawhere an evil monster came out of the garbage dump, and attacked the people. Kalagua, the villain of the story, is taking her revenge and the only way to do this is to combine her spirit with engkantaos. In the first place, Lolo Pablo Cris Daluz is not your average grandfather — he gets visions of spirits. Robert Villar as Nognog - one of the kids who became a Sigben.

In the other hand, a different accident happened in Makati City.

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In this story, Pedro will not be the only one who will fight the evil Kalagua. Rocky Ubana and Diwxta R. Roldeo Endrinal Executive Producers: Engkantaos were people who are half Engkanto and half human.

Agnes Gagelonia-Uligan Episode Writers: By using this site, you agree to the Pxraiso of Use and Privacy Policy. And only the six chosen engkantaos can defeat her.

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Idonnah and Rommel Villarico. Gerald Anderson as Thaleo. It was in a hotel, where Kalagua put an evil spirit on a photographer and one of the Engkantaos, Josef, helped stop the evil spirit.

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