Les fleurs du mal therion

This is also a very difficult album to rate. Other sites in the MAC network: Instrumental motifs and vocal melodies are retained, transformed by the symphonic metal medium. I would hope it was a granted that Therion wasn't trying to make a revolutionary masterpiece here.

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New album Archived at the Wayback Machine. The fact that Therion are able to so successfully translate these tunes to their own sound is impressive in its own right. La Licorne D'or 2: I do not enjoy seeing these boobs precisely because there is no good reason for them to be there. The sound is full and rich and extremely well produced. When you prop the original and Therion's reimagining in comparison, it's effortless to see that they're the same song.

Therion - Les Fleurs du Mal - Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

If you're new to the band, go to this right after Secret of the Runes. Therion 's 15th album is a very peculiar one, and an extremely difficult album to rate.

This sounds strange lds it works very well. The musicianship and production are both excellent, although anyone who has laid ears on Therion's music before shouldn't find that surprising.

What I enjoyed most about the album, apart from the fact that it's their most enjoyable album in 11 years, is the whole idea. Jean AlbertiniJohnny Rech. Therion's previous albums were both some of the most expensively-made and high-selling albums in Nuclear Blast's catalogue. It shows Therion playing the track in front of a chaotic crowd that is getting drunk, fighting each other and having sex in the weirdest ways. Mon Amour, Mon Ami 4: I have to admit that upon first listen i was scratching my head with this one.

J'al Le Mal De Toi 2: In particular, operatic soprano Lori Lewis' vocals sound as bright and stellar as anything of the sort you will hear in metal. The songs are chosen well, and the rich phonetics of the French language translate well into Therion's music.

No matter what one might think about it, the concept is quite courageous, entertaining and fleirs. The vocals take me back to the Secret of the Runes era.

A covers album this may be, but Therion have given it their greatest effort, and it really shows. As a prior reviewer stated, it is definitely akin to Deggial, due to the lack of bombastic electronically scored flrurs. One individual has commented that the song and video might be about how it is better to be killed by someone you love. And as always but even more in this case, everybody would be equally right. You certainly will find a few metallized songs: The only song here that doesn't seem to fit is their rendition of "Je n'ai besoin que de tendresse", a Claire Dixon track that could have had the staying power of the rest of the album, were it not for the ridiculously over-the-top power metal cheese direction they chose to take it in.

Questions about what my behaviour towards them would prompt if all the switches in their minds with labels like "do not kill the people who say they love you" were turned theriom.

A third and last video clip was done for this song. There are no abrupt changes in style, speed, or instrumentation, so the 16 songs really don't feel like they are separate.

fkeurs Although it's about as strange a match-up as I can imagine, Therion have managed to make this experiment work. This album feels like a side project of the band, and should certainly be considered as such to be enjoyed.


This is definitely a breath of fresh air, and a wonderful departure from their norm of the last decade or so. To see all 10 reviews click here. This tgerion just a light amount of keyboard work, with some beautifully organic strings. The women in Therion's video are all gorgeous, that cannot be taken from them, but the rhythmic flashing and the cheap CGI background they are in front of should make one of my many favourite points clear.

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