Norsok m-101

The manufacturer shall have an implemented and documented quality system according with ISO Reference blocks shall be made with thickness and side-drilled holes in accordance with Table 4. For welds with a joint thickness T! The inspection frequency shall be sufficient to report weekly quality status during fabrication based on welding inspection reports. A low defect rate may be used as basis for a reduction in the extent of NDT for inspection categories B, C and D, provided that a correct defect rate identification is prepared for each weld method, each NDT method and each production area, see Table 3, table footnote b.

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NORSOK Structural Steel Fabrication M-101

Double sided heating shall be used as far as possible. Typical examples of requirements for peening of joints are given in Annex A.

Personnel shall be qualified as described in 9. We need your help to maintenance this website.

All fabrication shall be in accordance with recommendations given in EN B tolerance references Fig. China Macro Economy An Single hammer peening shall result in a fully covered hammered groove where the surface is smooth with uniform indentation.

Two steps of actions apply within trigger level 2.

Norsok M Rev.5 - [PDF Document]

The layout of the reference system may be specially designed to suit the task at hand norsk the methods chosen for controls. The defects shall be reported with reference to the numbering system according with ISO See Note 2 in Table 9. Webprint Printed and bound. The manufacturer shall appoint a responsible authorized welding coordinator.

NORSOK Structural Steel Fabrication M - PDF Free Download

Type of deviation Figure Notation Reference Max. All inspections shall be reported to the responsible welding coordinator.

Local straightness is defined as the deviation of the shell plate from a straight generator of length L parallel to the true centre line of the tubular. All traces from previous grinding shall be completely removed.

All welding and inspection of welds to carbon steel structures shall as a minimum comply with the requirements for the structure to which they are attached. For information also typical weld metal analysis, using a relevant shielding nofsok or flux.

The supplier may optionally add information about mechanical properties, based on specific or nonspecific type of control. If the deformation is more than the above given limits, either heat treatment shall be performed, or strain ageing tests shall be carried out according to the following requirements: B, norslk as a minimum the specific tested chemical composition of the wire or weld metal, as applicable. Repair welding may only be carried out twice in the same area.

Norsok M101 Rev.5 2011

This may be achieved through alternatively: The straightness deviation over tube length Lshall not exceed 0. Global grid system Local grid system Max. General principles ISOWelding — Determination of hydrogen indeposited weld metal arising from the use of covered electrodes for welding mild and low alloy steels ISOQuality requirements for welding of metallic materials — Part 2: The percentage strain due to forming is defined as follows: In addition to what is listed in Table 3, the following shall apply for inspection category A and B: The increased initial testing may be accounted for in the overall extent provided the initial testing confirms consistent good workmanship.

Typical examples for requirements for grinding of joints are given in A. Penetrant testing shall be carried out in accordance with ISO Normally pregrinding of a groove will be required to assure correct location of peening area. Ultrasonic testing to reveal the presence of possible weld metal transverse cracking shall be included for butt welds with thickness more than 25 mm. The excavated groove shall be minimum 50 mm long, measured at defect depth even if the defect itself is smaller.

For K-grooves, the 10 should be machined from the root to each plate surface.

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