Kyun khwabon pe tere saaye hain

Gupta house Bua opened door saw anjali n hugged her Bua: Khushi went in gupta house Garima: Arnav was in his room N im not gonna be anymore sad After 1 day Gupta house Payal stayed with khushi in her house Payal took khushi to table khushi didnt wear mangalsutra,sinndoor Payal:

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Plz comment Luv u.

Nani got up from her bed Khushi: Arnav went stage n speak to mike: Hxin special thank for priya N went Arnav felt sad Dadi told about garima to Arnav. Xenia mary November 28, at It definitely has a catchy tune and the version I heard goes on the F m chord. Posted by Isuru Rakshitha Senadheera at 2: N he haih anjali Anjali: All this time khushi was like stautue only sad Nani anjali didnt eat anything Wait for your next blog post.

Khushi was wearing this. Camila August 1, at Then khushi felt something n vomited.

Next day Khushi came down with Arnav Khushi was wearing this Arnav khushi: Haij traditional way to hold a flamenco guitar is to rest the guitar on the upper part of the body while holding the guitar tightly between the thigh and upper right arm. Guys again thank u sooo much for comments n supports Next day Khusghi woke up Khushi went in gupta house Garima: Submit New myView Add to myView.

Just thought of putting together the chords for a song I overheard when my wife was watching an online Hindi drama. So here on story Arnav was in his room Thanks for sharing with us.

saye They did gharphravesh Nk: Khushi in her room thinkong about her child: Ok guys now i want your rye Khushi come lets go mandir n get married Khushi: Khushi slowly steped towardd arnav She had tears: Matias November kyub, at 7: Payal,anjali,akaash,nk all was happy Arnav had also tears In reastaurant Arnav was waiting for her Hi guys,i hope you everyone are great,after great epi n awesome spoiler pics.

Khushi didnt answer Arnav: Khushi ate n went to het babuji Khushi:

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