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It takes several minutes of driving for this to change on its own. This one may not jump out at most of you. Send the log to us. Last edited by GaryDoug; at

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More often than not we receive files with incomplete, wrong, or bad data. If you do your own chips, come tst with a scheme to use a series of UNIQUE IDs so you can look back at your datalogs when you were tuning and know which tune goes with which log!

We cannot look up orders by email alias as easy as a full name. In the example pictured above, dztamaster Knock Count is at 59 mainly because I was stuck in the staging lines at the dragstrip for hrs and had to restart the engine many times as the line moved forward. If so, you can disregard the data in that frame.

So I found another computer on eBay that arrived today with Windows 7, while installing Datamaster got the message that it was no longer supporting GM vehicles. If you screw up or just want to go back, use this button. For instance, here's one from E-RUE for guys running very large injectors: Electric fans and similar aftermarket draws can have a large effect. Thanked 90 Times in 86 Vatamaster.

tts datamaster download?

Before running the setup program right click on it. You can disable LTerms in the chip lock them to and the chip will not store any long term corrections.

So choose File and Open 5. The 4 Bottom Graph Values: I believe this is just the temperature reading of ttw manifold metal itself. If you want to graph the amount of timing programmed in the chip compared to the current amount of timing, use Spark Adv Base on the bottom graph.

If your file contains more than 60 tst of data or so, it will be very hard to read. Please use the scanning software we recommend. Please capture plenty of data in one single file.

The later versions you will need to get from TTS Powersystems. These are the heart of DataMaster! If you click on the little red box it will tell you what the code is.

It uses the same cable and pc setup as TTS Datamaster.

OBD1 Datalogging

Originally Posted by GaryDoug. Once you click OPEN the file is created and you are ready for some logging. Here's an example of an obvious Data Err on the shift: If your STerms drop belowyour truck is running very rich in that spot.

Select Properties from the list and then click the Compatibility tab. This may lead the computer to believe that you are intentionally holding the gas open so at this point it will kick the idle up under throttle follower and throttle cracker routines. Thanked 54 Times in 14 Posts. In DataMaster old version 3.

This is buggy in virtually ALL chips. So before making a dragstrip run, I ALWAYS check to make sure the Baro is between about the time I'm getting ready to drive around the water box and hit the spacebar to start recording for the run. OBD1 Specific Hardware While there are many solutions on the web to scan your own car, we have grown especially fond of those sold at moates. Subscribe to PowerTuneNews to get an email when new articles are added. When this happens, it will cause your boost readings in your datalog to read way offand can actually throw off the tune of your truck!

Otherwise your Boost will read completely wrong.

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